Speech & Text Analytics

Speech & Text Analytics

What is Speech & Text Analytics ?

Speech & Text Analytics translated into English refers to “audio and text analytics”, in this case, analysis that takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to extract valuable information from the detailed study of the conversations stored in the recording systems of the Call Centers or interactions generated via chat, email, surveys, among others.

We are living the fourth industrial revolution where time, people and data are the main participants that will move this industry, every day people are more connected interacting with different services, applications and providers, creating unimaginable volumes of information, for example ¿ What time do you get up? How much time do you spend exercising? Do you meditate? What recipes are you looking for? Which ones caught your attention the most? What music do you listen to? Which social networks do you use? Among many more. At this moment the lack of data is no longer an excuse to understand, create value and surprise people; The main obstacles that companies are having when analyzing this type of data derive from the large volume of information, the variety of sources and veracity of the data, as well as their way of analyzing, require greater computing capacity, learning tools for machines (machine learning) knowledge of complex numerical and statistical methods for determining segments and predicting events.

According to Forbes, 90% of the information generated every day in the world is unstructured data, that is, photographs, videos, chats, calls, among others; Analyzing this amount of information would require high human effort, incurring high costs and difficult control over it. For example, if we wanted to analyze the calls that our clients made to the call center in a period of one week in order to understand their needs, knowing the performance of our customer service agents would take us twice the time of the call and even the entire information that is collected would have a high bias of subjectivity since it is evaluated by the human judgment, which means, if the person who is evaluating the calls had a difficult day or has a personal negative appreciation of the agent they are evaluating. You may make the wrong decisions when rating the services in those cases.

At RESSOLVE, our data and anthropology team found that a person in a normal work day, dedicated 100% to listening and rating calls, could analyze around 600 calls per month, being a very low volume and not very representative since a call center however small it may be receiving the same number of calls daily, now if the solution is to increase the sample of calls this makes the operating item more expensive, without taking into account other indirect costs such as training, disabilities, vacations, permits, among others.

We firmly believe that artificial intelligence came to the world to improve the quality of life and give people more time to focus on tasks that highlight their creativity and inventive value. RESSOLVE was born under that purpose, where we managed to train our artificial intelligence to listen to large volumes of conversations and carry out that task that took months, to be able to do it in minutes.

Continuing with the same example, RESSOLVE has the ability to listen to and analyze the same 600 conversations, in audio, in an approximate term of 4 hours, and the result obtained has an objective report on the handling of the conversation where we can show trends, patterns and predictions of call management.

Some applications on which the technology of RESSOLVE:

  • Quality and audit of telephone services.
  • Sales.
  • Interviews.
  • Customer retention.
  • Hearings.
  • Among others.

Where and how to access this tool?

To access the use of this technology you can contact us at this email or the phone number (+57) 319 646 3917, you must have an audio or text volume and an initial analysis purpose, such as monitoring a quality matrix, feelings in the conversation, voice of the client, management by agent among others.

Once we have this information, we train RESSOLVE to understand the context of the conversations and begin to extract value from the conversations.

You can buy minute packages adapted to your needs and the initial implementation is very short and with immediate results.

Contact us right now, and extract the full value of your communications through RESSOLVE.

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