Empathy: a human skill that Artificial Intelligence can learn

Empathy: a human skill that Artificial Intelligence can learn

Empathy is a trendy word: we hear it in all kinds of speeches and today it is a fundamental skill in human relations.
Then, it is natural that some questions arise when we talk about technology and empathy: Would an Artificial Intelligence be able to recognize and reproduce empathy? How would something so great be possible? It is easy to imagine that behind an AI process there are engineers and data analysts, those involved in allowing a robot to exist as such, but when we talk about communicative capacity, social sciences and linguistic as cognitive science play a fundamental role in this process. At Ressolve we have a multidisciplinary team of sociologists, anthropologists and computational linguists who are responsible for transforming language into machine-executable algorithms.

How does one work with notions of empathy?

We know that empathy is the key element for the success of mediated communication, and when we speak of empathy, we refer to the conscious cognitive effort to perceive, in a common context, what another individual may feel. Empathizing means synchronizing not only the vocabulary, but also the paralanguage, that is, the tone of voice, the volume, the rhythm, etc. By making use of empathy as a fundamental human tool in good communication, our team, which is responsible for structuring the discourse of artificial intelligence, understands that meanings are always constructed in interaction with others, with oneself or through culture, according to a process of regulation and deregulation that allows each word structure to possess the capacity to create new possibilities of meanings in interactions. The computational linguist is the one in charge of this process of regulation and discursive construction.

An empathetic discourse on technology is indeed possible

In the age where customization prevails, the work of companies is increasingly focused on offering users unique brand experiences, for which the empathic relationship with the customer is a factor of vital importance. Empathy allows people to mobilize feelings, values, and emotions, with the aim of creating favorable attitudes and actions towards a particular product or service. In our mission as a company we study, select and train a key discourse to feed the artificial intelligence so that it can finally analyze and throw data on the communicative behaviors of people, in order to bring

our customers a broader understanding of the impact of their products or services, modifying and adapting the discourse according to the needs of each company, what it wants to convey and how it wants to be recognized in the market. 

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