Covid-19: far beyond being an opportunity, it is a challenge for artificial intelligence

Covid-19: far beyond being an opportunity, it is a challenge for artificial intelligence

When opening social media, turning the TV on, tuning in a radio station or navigating the internet, the news about the Covid-19 seem to be the protagonists; the number of infected people, the precautions to take into consideration in order to stop the spreading of the pandemic or the thousands of health experts’ speeches can be overwhelming and get us thinking: are we going to be capable of ceasing the growth of this virus? What choices do we have?

Science and technology are playing a key and almost overriding role during these days, when the hospitals cannot help anymore patients and the resources become limited, is when technology proves us once again that it is far from being an enemy to our kind and that instead it is our strongest and more lethal weapon against the adversities that we face nowadays.

Among this crisis, the artificial intelligence has given us two new alternatives of hope when it comes to our newest enemy, Covid-19:

  • UV Rays Robots to eradicate the viruses from hospitals: the UVD Company has developed a robot capable of cleansing and disinfecting hospital areas such as rooms, guaranteeing the 100% removal of viruses. Before the appearing of the Covid-19 pandemic, this robot was already operating as a great solution for hundreds of hospitals; but given the world’s current situation, the demand for these robots has highly increased. Per Juul Nielsen, Executive President, said “we have delivered trucks full of robots to China, particularly to Wuhan. The sales in other areas of Asia and Europe have also increased; Italy has also been showing a strong demand”. This alternative is a significant solution that can aid the ceasing of the pandemic. (source:
  • Italy detects the presence of Covid-19 in just 20 seconds using artificial intelligence: this involves a technology with an accuracy rate of 98,5% in detecting and keeping track of the virus. This system achieves these results by analyzing computerized tomography images (CT’s), making easier the early diagnosis of the new coronavirus and the follow up of the pneumonia that the Covid-19 provokes. This kind of artificial intelligence provides the health professionals with an immediate response regarding the type of pneumonia that a specific patient has developed (distinguishing between a pneumonia caused by the Covid-19 or a pathology related to bacteria, etc.). This system is also capable of calculating the volume of lung involvement in cubic centimeter supplying an evaluation of the prognostic, in other words, establishing whether the patient will recover or deteriorate. (source
  • The evolution of artificial intelligence is becoming an ally, and a source of solutions that, when used correctly, can be the way out of almost every issue that the future may bring.

How do you put an application on artificial intelligence on a daily basis?

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