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Improved quality of care

Voice analysis solutions process a high amount of data and can thus detect errors in any customer service operation, so those who manage such operations will have the possibility to make changes to the scripts and train the agents in the presentation of a better service.

Reduction of operation costs

By implementing a speech analytics solution, salespeople are able to do their jobs more effectively by reducing indirect costs such as customer retention or loss through continuous improvement in quality of care

Experience optimization

The insights generated by the tool’s data analysis contribute significantly to improving the customer experience since companies will be able to understand user behavior and agent performance during the interaction.

Customer Loyalty

Preventing one or more customers from switching to the competition will be much easier when implementing speech analytics as a solution. This analysis will allow you to detect emotions, disconformities and key words used by the customer during the service time; this way you will have the possibility to train your agents to handle objections and provide a better service.

Compliance with regulations

Identifying problems or inconsistencies in compliance with the rules established for companies will be much easier if a voice analysis tool is available (European data protection law establishes fines of up to 10’000.000


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Fields of action

Strengthen your team

Encourage and mobilize your customer service team to deliver an empathetic and responsive user experience

Know the voice of the customer

Extract value from the conversations generated among your customers, in this way you will achieve their loyalty, recommendation and increase their purchase average.

Improve your operation

It automates the repetitive tasks of listening to a large volume of information and manually filling out quality matrices, validating service scripts, among others. Artificial intelligence came into the world to empower humans and free them from those repetitive tasks that do not allow them to discover their potential.

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