Ressolve comes to the world with the purpose of transform business dynamics through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our mission is to extract value from conversations to contribute to the development of people and the profitability of companies. 

Proactive empathy

Sense of belonging

Extra mile


‘’Our goal is to free the human being from those repetitive tasks that can be processed by a machine and to focus the time of the people in the team on the development of their talents and on the creative contribution to the growth of these processes.‘’

Ressolve was founded in Medellin, Colombia in 2019.  Our service is used in more than five countries in Latin America. Our algorithms are currently trained in seven different dialects of Spanish such as Colombian, Mexican, Chilean, Panamanian, Guatemalan, Peruvian and Ecuadorian; and with the ability to understand and interpret different industries such as financial, mass consumption, health, pharmaceutical, public services, help desks, retail, among others.

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