5 myths about artificial intelligence (AI)

5 myths about artificial intelligence (AI)

If the world were just how it’s displayed on futurist movies, we would already be slaves by this time, our race would be in danger of extinction and for sure you wouldn’t be reading this article; science and technology have progressed enormously, nevertheless, we still exist and our lives have only had a small adjustment.

When we talk about artificial intelligence some of us imagine a metal robot, with face, arms and legs, just like a human figure, and if you let yourself get away by science fiction, you can even imagine a weapon embedded in its arm just about to kill everyone. Reality is not this; when we speak about artificial intelligence we refer to an algorithm created under certain function, and by the time that function is presented, it will be able to take decisions around it, but outside of this, it cannot reason, understand or create new functions thar are not aligned.

Understanding a little bit more and remembering what movies, television and fake news have made us believe, we present 5 lies about artificial inteligence:

1. “They will replace humans”

It’s the most popular lie, and it has been replicated by everyone, but that’s precisely where the barrier is created between AI and humans. We can’t ignore the fact that mechanical and repetitive jobs have always been replaced by machines in the history of humanity, however, the implamentation and advance of them has brought more jobs in fields such as health, finances, human resources, etc.

2. “They will think and look just like us”

Machines and computers are based on non-biological pieces, clearly different to the human being, for which thoughts and movements are based on an intern reaction that leads to a physical reaction. AI does not intend to look like us and much less think like us. The only robots that resemble us are those created under this specific goal; furthermore, most of the robots are virtual, they don’t even need a “physical body” to lodge.

3. “They will surpass us in every possible aspect”

Even if it’s true that AI has advanced in such way that it’s capable of making decisions and learn from its errors day by day, there are some capacities or abilities so human (like socialization, understanding the why of things and the ability to express different points of view), that it will hardly be replaced by a robot.

4. “We all have a clone”

Since its introduction, people have believed that AI will be able to clone a relative or a death pet, or in extreme cases even ourselves. As we have already explained before, the AI wont be able to replace some of the main functions of what actually makes us humans, hence the idea of a clone is far from reality.

5. “AI is dangerous”

It has not been achieved yet that machines think as humans, the learning process of AI is possible due to the analysis of large amount of data, which allows to automatize processes, but pulling out of them is not a characteristic of it.

Take a deep breath and keep working even-minded, the AI isn’t coming forward to replace or extinguish our species; it’s strengthening and learning more processes in order to ease our days and give us more space to focus on really important things, the ones that AI wont be able to do.